Diving packages

Come and enjoy daily diving at the Blue World Diving Center.  We offer great packages which are flexible in timing and offer a variation of dives.  Our daily diving packages offer shore diving on our house reef to boat trips to various areas – local sites, Ras Mohammed National Park or the St of Tiran.  We can cater for all levels of diver, tailoring your package around your needs.

Shore Diving

templeShore diving on our house reef is Add our special unlimited dive ‘House Reef Explorer’ to your daily diving package and you will experience the joy of diving at your own pace and when you like.

Our house reef is Temple Dive Site.

A beautiful site with sightings of so many different fish shorand coral varieties. It’s the perfect dive if you want to organize your own dive time; it is also guaranteed to be open and accessible in all conditions. You name it, chances are you’ll see it – eagle rays, moray eels, octopus, turtles, napoleon wrasse, barracuda, the list is endless.

Local Dive Sites

Ras um SidA dive trip to Sharm El Sheikh would not be complete without diving some of the local sites.  Local sites are part of your daily diving package and will make your diving holiday complete.  The local sites stretch all the way along the coastline from Sharm el Mina in the south to Ras Gamilla opposite Gordon Reef in the north.   The local sites offer an amazing array of topography from pretty coral gardens to wall drop offs and equally a vast array of marine and coral life.

Strait of Tiran

One of the most famous dive site areas in Sharm El Sheikh,

blue world11

Jump on… one of Blue World Diving Center diving boats and head out to the reefs situated in the Straits of Tiran, This famous dive area is located between the coastal area of Sharm El Sheikh, and Tiran Island; there are four large pinnacles rising from the sea bed to within a meter of the surface; Jackson, Woodhouse, Thomas and Gordon Reefs named after the British cartographers who first mapped them.Trips to the Straits of Tiran can be included in your daily diving package and will include a mixture of mooring and drift dives.  These dive sites will amaze you with the sheer abundance of underwater marine life, colorful coral gardens and mammoth walls. The richness of these dive sites is partly due to the tidal currents that are sometimes present here.

Ras Mohamed National Park


One of the highlights of your dive holiday has to be a dive in the Ras Mohamed National Park. The park is designated as an area of natural beauty.  All of the dive sites in the area are accessible by daily diving on one of our dive boats.

Diving in the National Park carries with it certain environmental concerns and in order tothe-red-sea-in-summer-2 protect the sites you must abide by the National Park Guidelines. With no mooring lines, all dives are wall drift dives with on occasion very strong currents.

The park is situated at the most Southerly point of the Sinai Peninsula, where two bodies of water collide; the Gulf of Aqaba & Gulf of Suez.  This movement of water causes currents which in turn feed the coral and attract an amazing array of fish.  In summer massive shoals of fish start to gather for the mating season, which in turn attracts large pelagic fish including some Sharks.  Shark and Yolanda reef is one of the most spectacular sites to include in your daily diving package.