Learn to Dive

padi-courses-playa-del-carmen With Blue World Diving Center

If you want to learn to dive, there’s no better place to take the plunge than the Sharm El Shiekh Red Sea. For starters, it’s pretty much surrounded by land on all sides, so it’s as calm as a bath. Big waves aren’t the norm. Then there’s the fact the seas are crystal clear. Whether you want to learn to dive or snorkel, the visibility is outstanding – typically 20 to 30 meters. So spotting the sea’s famous corals and shoals of flashing fish isn’t a problem. Dolphins, green turtles and manta rays are regular visitors.

The other big plus point when you learn to dive in the Red Sea is the temperature. Thanks to Egypt’s year-round sunshine, the waters stay lovely and warm. In fact, as well as being the world’s northernmost tropical sea, the Red Sea is one of the hottest bodies of water on the planet. If you’re here in the summer, you’re looking at an average water temperature of 26°C and the thermometer only drops a few degrees in the winter months.

It goes without saying if you learn to dive with us, you’re in really safe hands. Blue World Diving Center instructors are experts – each and every one has first-class accredited training. Plus, our safety standards are excellent and our expertly maintained equipment is second to none. And, of course, we meet both local and international regulations. Our instructors are a friendly bunch, too, and will introduce you to the wonders of Diving at your own pace…